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Rapporto sullo stato dell'agricoltura

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Report on the State of Agriculture 2010

The Report on the State of Agriculture has reached its seventh edition; and constitutes an essential instrument, available to policy makers and sector operators alike through INEA, in analyzing the national agricultural system.

In particular, the economic crisis, price volatility of agricultural  commodities, changes in the Common Agricultural Policy and the new challenges concerning environmental sustainability paint a complex, and rather new, picture for the agri-food system. The Report provides an analysis on the focal trends of both national and international  agri-food  systems, as well as a detailed look at several key issues of current general interest, in order to better comprehend arising issues and their implications on the behaviour of farmers. 

The 2010 edition of the Report on the State of Agriculture is structured into four parts:

  • The first part, which looks at the international scenario,  describes present and future dynamics of world economy while stating the implications on Italian agriculture and agri-food system.
  • The second part regards the main economic indicators of the Italian agricultural and agri-food systems.
  • The third part of the Report tackles the analysis of common policy (Pillars  1  and  2), national policy and regional implications.
  • The fourth and final part of the Report provides a thematic focus on specific subjects of interest in order to clarify the dynamics relevant to the development of the Italian agrifood sector.



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